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Brauerei der Saison

Dem Trend der Craft-Biere ist kein Ende! Die Zahl der kleinen Produzenten nimmt zu und auch die Nachfrage an Bord hat zugenommen. Wir beantworten diese Nachfrage jetzt und stellen die Brauerei der Saison, in der wir Mikrobrauereien aus Finnland und Schweden mit gut gemachtem und geschmackvollem Handwerk aufziehen wollen.

Probieren Sie die Craft-Biere in den Bars, Pubs und Restaurants an Bord. Natürlich können Sie die Marken auch in unseren Shopping-Stores an Bord kaufen.

Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri

Fjäderholmarna, in English "Feather Islands", are a group of small islands in the Stockholm archipelago, located only a 20-minute boat trip from downtown Stockholm. The main island is home to several craft workshops, as well as restaurants and cafés. Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri works throughout the summer and, in preparation for the shorter and darker days ahead, they complement the product range with a beer for the winter season. Fjäderholmarna Winter Ale is a slightly darker beer that is flavoured with cinnamon and orange peel to perfectly accompany winter and Christmas with its richer and hearthier flavours.

Iso-Kallan Panimo

The Iso-Kallan Panimo brewery was founded in 2013 in the heart of Savo, on the outskirts of Kallavesi, in Finland. The brewery gets its influences from the relaxed lifestyle of the people living in Savo and their quality beers are unfiltered and free of additives. Iso-Kallan Panimo was also the winner of the Finland’s Best Beer Competition on Viking Grace in September 2019. The dark malted Czech-style lager Frosty Winter crowns the house host’s ham-slicing moment and the Yule Ale is perfect for a Christmas dinner with turkey or chocolate desserts. Or as such, for the quiet moments of the evening.