Zusammenarbeit mit dem schwedischen Kochteam

Wir bieten das ganze Jahr über großartige kulinarische Genüsse, auf die wir sehr stolz sind, zu vernünftigen Preisen an. Jetzt bringen wir die Erfahrung in neue Höhen und initiieren eine langfristige Zusammenarbeit mit dem schwedischen Kulinarischen Team und dem schwedischen Junior Culinary Team. Und das Ergebnis kann in unserem brandneuen Buffet erlebt werden.

The aim is to further develop the dining experience on board our seven vessels. National teams will create new menus and dishes as well as inspire and further training restaurant and kitchen staff along with Viking Line. National Soccer Team chefs will also make guest appearances on board vessels.

The Swedish Culinary Team consists of twelve cooks and confectioners under the leadership of coach Fredrik Andersson successfully representing Sweden in international cooking competitions. Swedish Junior Culinary Team and coach Peter Jelksäter won gold at the Culinary Olympics as late as October 2016. Closest focusing both teams at the Culinary World Cup in 2018 as well as the Culinary Olympics in 2020.

Kids get their very own buffet

This summer we invite children to take their own culinary journey. Your little ones can pick what they want to eat from a buffet filled with delicious dishes, such as breaded cod with colorful cauliflower or chocolate marinated chicken with carrot stars, and to that a range of tasty sauces and side dishes. Menu