Grande Cuisine Spezialmenü 30.1–31.5

Chef and Waiter of the Year 2018, Kalle Tanner and Noora Sipilä, have created a Spring menu with the classic French kitchen as a theme. They have updated the dishes with a modern twist and made them lighter.

Responsibility and locally produced ingredients have been a natural part of the menu. In the onion soup for e.g. all parts of the onion have been used and it is served with goat cheese made on the Åland islands. The main course is tournedos Rossini, modified to a more responsible form. In the original recipe, beef fillet and foie gras, duck liver, are used. However, in this modernised version, deer is used instead of beef and the foie gras is replaced with a savoury mushroom and duck fat butter. The dish is served with croutons made from surplus bread. The mille feuille dessert is served with delicious fresh Nordic rhubarb. Welcome to a feast of French flavours!

The Grande Cuisine menu is served on Amorella, Viking Grace, Mariella and Gabriella until 31.5.