Viking Line's cookie policy for Viking Line's websites and app

The following information describes how Viking Line uses so-called cookies and similar technologies on Viking Line's websites and in the Viking Line app. This includes instructions for how you can block or delete cookies.

The main reason that we use cookies is to provide you with the best possible experience when you visit our websites. By continuing to surf our websites, you consent to our use of cookies on these websites in accordance with this policy.

1. What are cookies and how do they work?

A cookie is a small text file. When you visit a website, the website requests to have the cookie saved on your computer. Cookies are used by many websites to give visitors access to various functions and features. The information in some cookies is used to track a user's internet browsing. As a result, cookies are used to ensure that websites work as they should and can be more efficient, and to give certain information to the website provider.

There are several types of cookies. Some cookies will be saved as a file on your computer for a longer period (so-called permanent cookies). These permanent cookies enable certain features, for example showing users content that has been updated since their previous visit to the website. Other cookies are saved temporarily in your computer's memory while you are surfing a website, for example to keep track of the language you have chosen (so-called session cookies). These cookies disappear when you close your web browser.

2. Which types of cookies are used on Viking Line's websites?

Session cookies

Viking Line uses session cookies on its websites, for example to determine the language that you have selected. These cookies are saved only as long as your web browser is open; they are deleted when you close the browser.

Permanent cookies

Viking Line also saves other information in cookies. For example, we save a random value that we use to fetch your settings (e.g. automatic login, sorting in lists) in a database. The length of time that the cookie is saved depends on the specific cookie's lifetime and the settings in your browser.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies belong to domains other than those which you are visiting, and allow viewing of a user's web history. This means that some cookies can be read by other web pages, for example to provide statistics on how visitors find their way to different websites.

3. How does Viking Line use cookies?

Viking Line uses cookies to facilitate individual users' activities on the website. For example, we use the information to confirm logins and to auto-fill fields in forms, to create easier access to services that we offer on the website.

We also use cookies to collect information about how the website is used. For Viking Line, this means for example that we can measure the number of visitors to our site and determine which areas of the site are most popular.

Through our partners, Viking Line collects anonymised information about the different browsers people use to access the site, so that we can direct advertisements to these browsers on other websites – so-called "interest-based advertising". Viking Line also uses cookies to follow up campaigns and measure advertising effectiveness.

4. How can you manage your cookies?

Most web browsers accept cookies automatically. If you do not want to accept the use of cookies, you can change your browser settings to block cookies or to notify you every time cookies are created. You can also choose to delete cookies that have already been created on your computer. To delete, block and manage your cookies, read the instructions in your web browser or in your browser's help tab. If you use different devices to visit Viking Line's websites, you need to check the cookie settings for the browser on each device.

If you decide to block Viking Line's cookies, doing so may limit the website's functionality.

For more information about how you can disable cookies in your specific web browser, see Internet ExplorerFirefox or Chrome.

5. Cookies and similar technologies in the Viking Line app

Your selected settings for language, birth date, region, Viking Club membership etc. are saved in part in your device's memory and in part on a server supplied by Viking Line. Viking Line also collects information about your mobile device type and its device ID. Your user profile, including your nickname, gender and image, is saved both locally on your device and on the server.

Information we save on the server is deleted after 42 hours.

6. Changes in the cookie policy and how to contact us with your questions

You are always welcome to contact us by letter or e-mail, Viking Line Abp, PB 166, AX-22101 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland or, if you have questions regarding Viking Line's use of cookies.

Viking Line reserves the right to change and update the Cookie Policy if necessary.