Pets are allowed on regular trips (except Viking Cinderella), but not cruises.

Travelling with pets

Information on all travel documents for animals are found at the Swedish Board of Agriculture and Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira websites.

A cabin must be booked when travelling with a pet on an overnight journey with Viking Grace,  Amorella and Gabriella. Pets are not allowed in the beds. Pets are not allowed in restaurants with the exception of service dogs. One exception: Amorella's Seaside Café allows pets. Pets are not allowed in allergy cabins.

Responsibility for the pet lies with the owner and dogs must always be on a leash when outside the cabin. Dogs may only be walked on the outside deck.

There is a fee for each pet (cost varies depending on ship/route). See exceptions below regarding guide dogs and assistance dogs. Prices are specified in the online booking engine.

Please note that bookings are subject to availability, there is a limitation on the number of pets on board.

Animals on the car deck on short routes

Pets may not be left in the car on the car deck during the trip, with the exception of the short distance Helsinki–Tallinn October (2.5 h) October 1st–April 30th and all year round on the route Kapellskär–Mariehamn (2.5 h). The animals are included free of charge and are booked in advance. Pet owners who leave animals in vehicles do so at their own risk. Under certain circumstances (eg, if the weather is unusually hot or cold) Viking Line can prohibit passengers to leave the pets in the car.

The car deck is closed during travel. The car deck doors are locked shortly after departure and opened before arrival to port. Visits to the car deck during the trip is only allowed with the permission of the captain.

Guide and assistance dogs

Guide and assistance dogs travel free with Viking Line and should wear a harness or quilt intended for the service.

Guide and assistance dogs may also travel on the cruise with Viking Cinderella, where other pets are not allowed. Guide and assistance dogs on duty is allowed in almost all areas on board, even in restaurants, but not allergy-free cabins. There's a rest area for animals on board. Guide and assistance dogs are not currently possible to specify in the online booking, please call +358 9 123 574 to let us know that you have a guide dog with you (no fee applies).