Passagier und Fahrzeug Registrierung

Jeder Passagier muss nach finnischem und schwedischem Recht folgende Angaben machen: Namen, Geschlecht, Nationalität, Geburtsdatum und etwaigen Behinderungen bereits bei der Buchung angeben. Diese Angaben könnten in einem Notfall sehr wichtig sein.

Reisen nach Tallinn

Bei Reisen nach Tallinn muss der Geburtstag und –monat angegeben warden. Autofahrer müssen ihr Kennzeichen bei Buchung eingeben.

Fahrzeug Registrierung bei Buchung

Ab dem 1. September 2016, ist es zwingend notwendig, die Registrierungsnummer bei Fahrzeugreservierung eingeben.

Diese zusätzliche Passagierinformation dient dem leichteren Einchecken und Erstellen der Passagierlisten, aber auch zur erhöhten Sicherheit.


General information about motorists and vehicles.

Book space for your car

The vehicles are divided into different price categories according to length- and height measurements. Please note that extra carriage has an impact on the measurements. 

For example, a skiibox, a canoe or bicycle are included in the cars height. It pays off to do these measurements before boarding the ship since a booking in the wrong vehicle category could end up in extra fees and also lead to you loosing your booked car space at the check-in.

  • In connection with the booking of the trip you will be asked for the car registration number and whether it is an electrical vehicle. We recommend you to always prebook your car space.
  • Motorcycle + small trailer or sidecar is reserved and payed for as a car. Bicycle + sidecar is reserved as a bicycle.
  • Vehicles without a driver can not be booked nor can it be transported.
  • All private vehicles are to be provided with valid plates.
  • Trucks and cars above 3500kg that are in commercial traffic are to be booked at the Viking Line cargo department.
  • When traveling by bicycle, the check-in is made at the car check-in and the bicycle is then boarded via car deck.


Booked vehicle should be checked-in and ready to be driven aboard 30 minutes before departure. Vehicles more than 2.4 m high should be checked-in at least 45 minutes before departure. We reserve the right to cancel a booking if the traveller who has booked a trip arrives late to the check-in. Please make sure your destination card, you are to hang in your rear view mirror for validation, is valid.

Note! From jan 1st, 2019 cash payment is not accepted at the car check-in at Stadsgården. Any additional payments is to be made by card.

Burglar alarms

The ships movements can cause the alarms to be triggered. Therefore please disconnect your alarms during the trip.

Ignitable fluids in loose vessels

Ignitable fluids in loose vessels or charcoal is not allowed to be transported on car deck.

Gas bottles

Gas bottles can only be transported in mobile homes and caravans, please make sure that spot is marked and the main valve is closed and sealed with special tape that the personnel will provide.

Charging of vehicles

Charging of hybrid vehicles is, for the moment, not possible aboard our ships. There are chargings stations in some harbours.

Animals on car deck on short routes

Pets are not allowed to be left in the car on car deck during the trip.

Exception: the short route (2.5 h) between Helsinki - Tallinn 1.10-30.4. Pets are free to bring aboard the ship during this period but has to be booked in advance. The owners
who leave their animals in their vehicles during the Helsinki - Tallinn trip (1.10 - 30.4) trip do so at their own risk. During certain circumstances (for example if the weather is unusually warm or cold).

Viking Line can forbid the passengers to leave the pets in their vehicles. We have a max capacity of animals we can take aboard every trip.

Animal transports

You will find all the travel documents for animals in Sweden on Jordbruksverkets homepage and in Finland on the homepage of the Food Security Authorities

Importing of a used vehicle

The vehicle has to be provided with valid plates. A transfer permit shall be obtained for the vehicle or a previous registration in an EEA State (EEA State registration plate and nationality certificate) and a certificate of its right to hold the vehicle (eg letter of purchase), unless the vehicle has not been registered in a person's name as who is in the vehicle. More information and

General information aboard the car deck

Before boarding, it will be easier if you pick up the luggage from your car that you need onboard during the trip. Tighten handbrake and put it in low gear alternatively P-gear during travel on board. Be aware when you move on car deck as there are other larger and smaller vehicles moving at the same time.

For safety reasons, the car deck is closed during the journey. The car deck is locked immediately after departure and reopened 15 - 30 minutes before arrival depending on route.

Mandatory equipment

The vehicle should bear the national designation ie. FIN / S sticker or EU registration plates. Check other national equipment requirements before the trip. For example. warning vest, first aid bag, fire extinguisher and wedge under wheels are mandatory in Estonia. When traveling outside of Finland by vehicle, registration certificate is required in the original paper form.


Insurance practices vary by country. From your own insurance company you get a so-called green card or green card as a certificate of valid Finnish road insurance. Green card is generally accepted in European countries, including in the Baltic countries and in Poland. Always check before the trip with your insurance company that traffic insurance and passenger and travel insurance are valid.

Power of attorney (POA)

If the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, the owner or the holder of the vehicle should carry an international power of attorney, certifying the right to transport and transport the vehicle even abroad.

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